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The Caucasus : its people, history, economics, and present position

Description: General survey of the Caucasus (especially Georgia) and its inhabitants, as well as the political situation, at the end of the First World War.
Publisher: The Anglo-Georgian Society: London
Contributor: ARIT Istanbul

The Armenians and the Eastern Question : a series of letters by an Armenian on Armenia and the Armenians, the text of the "Mémoire" addressed to the cabinets of Europe, etc.

Description: Volume containing a pamphlet translated by the editor, entitled "The Armenians and the Eastern Question"; an address by Armenian residents of London; letters to the Times, written by the editor; letters of the correspondents of the Times at Constantinople and Armenia; and a letter of the Rev. C. G. Curtis, of Constantinople.
Publisher: London: Edward Stanford
Contributor: ARIT Istanbul