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The Armenians and the Eastern Question : a series of letters by an Armenian on Armenia and the Armenians, the text of the "Mémoire" addressed to the cabinets of Europe, etc.

Description: Volume containing a pamphlet translated by the editor, entitled "The Armenians and the Eastern Question"; an address by Armenian residents of London; letters to the Times, written by the editor; letters of the correspondents of the Times at Constantinople and Armenia; and a letter of the Rev. C. G. Curtis, of Constantinople.
Publisher: London: Edward Stanford
Contributor: ARIT Istanbul

The rights of American citizens in Turkey

Description: Published address, in pamphlet format, given in New York in November 1896, under the auspices of the National Armenian Relief Committee, regarding official governmental policies towards American citizens in Turkey.
Publisher: G. P. Putman's Sons
Contributor: ARIT Istanbul

The American Board and its reviewers

Description: Extract from the Boston Review for May, 1862, assessing contemporary coverage of the ABCFM, specifically reviews of the publication Memorial volume of the first fifty years of the American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (Boston, 1862).
Publisher: Boston Review
Contributor: ARIT Istanbul

Glimpses of Bulgaria during the present crisis

Description: Published letter, in pamphlet format, describing the current situation in Bulgaria.
Publisher: [s.n.]
Contributor: ARIT Istanbul