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Library/Archive name: Library of the Bukhari Zawiya = Maktabat al-Zāwīyah al-Bukhārīyah
Institutional affiliation:
Library/Archive administrator: Sheikh Abdel Aziz Al–Bukhara
Administrator's title: Chief Archivist
Postal address: Al Alaam Way 58 Jerusalem It is located beside Via Dolorosa before the station, from the southern side the corner is known as al-Azbakīyah ((الأزبكية, and al-Bukhārīyahالبخارية) ). It consists of several groups of al-Khalawīyah (الخلوية) and al-Sūfīyah (الصوفية) surrounded by a yard from al-Khalawīya. The yard includes some famous al-Bukhārīya graves.
Country: Palestine
Phone: +972 (0) 2 545943318
Fax: +972 (0) 2 .6280563
Email address:
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