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Library/Archive name: G.M. Syed Library and Papers
Institutional affiliation:
Library/Archive administrator: Jalal Mehmood Shah
Administrator's title: Administrator
Postal address: Post Office Samna, Taluka Man Jhand, Distt. Jamshoro, Pakistan AND G.M. Syed Edifice, Bangla No. 282-283, Sindh University Employees Cooperative Housing Society, Jamshoro, Pakistan AND 126, Haider Manzil, Muslim Colony, Karachi, Pakistan
Country: Pakistan
Phone: +92-222-771355 (Jamshoro) +92-222-271355 (Jamshoro) +92-21-2228455 (Karachi) +92-254-650111 (Sann) +92-346-3656070 (mobile)
Email address:
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